2021 Week 16: More of the same

The first week that my weekly review didn't take a lot of time. That productivity course really helped optimize these weekly reviews for time. Thank's Carl!

2021 Week 15: Spring cleaning?

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately. In particular, I've been revisiting my 2021 goals.

2021 Week 14: Restart / reset

I have no excuse. The last week was a bit all over the place for me. I've been productively procrastinating so a lot of stuff gone done but nothing from the actual "prioritized" list. Be better Ritchie.

2021 Week 10: Looking forward to a vacation

I fully admit that I am consistently inconsistent with updating these weekly review items. That said, the last two weeks have been very full weeks.

2021 Week 12: Coming back!

A week off goes by pretty quick. It was a great. Even when we couldn't really travel, we kept to ourselves and explored our own back yard in British Columbia.