2021 Week 8: Catchup and look-aheads

Looking back at last week's review and goal's, it was a partially successful week but it is hard to be disappointed. A few things came up that was out of my control, it sent the last half of the week spiralling. It is hard to think that catastrophic events can happen, but they do and when it does everything just stops and you're in a very reactive state.

2021 Week 7: A lot of introspection

Ok, I'm really forcing myself here; It is a Monday night and I'm trying to write this down before I get the kids to bed. Monday night eh, Ritchie? Why yes blog because it was a long weekend and I did most of my work last Friday. So the to-do list was scarce, I also decided to generally empty my motivation yesterday (Sunday).

2021 Week 6 Week in review

Honestly, the last few weeks have been pretty busy... gurp!

2021 Week 2 Week in review

Last night, there was a deployment that was related to my project at work. The whole work week was spent preparing for it. There was a bit of a COVID scare because there is an outbreak in the wife's unit. We both got tested and immediately consulted the kid's school. Fortunately, the negative results came in quickly; so life went on.

2021 Week 1 Week in review

What a week it has been! At the beginning of last week, there was a production incident that resulted in a 'drop everything' situation to fix the issue. We had to identify the root cause, fix the problem, do the necessary redeploys and work towards a late (or early depending on what you think) weekend deploy.