What is this?? I'm going to try and write my thoughts down more frequently (weekly) on this blog (that no one reads anymore). I figure that this would be cheaper than paying for an app like Day One (plus I host all my own data).

Closing off 2020

It has been quite a year. Let's see if I can recap it quickly. At the end of 2019, I moved jobs to join a new project at work. Corona happened, lock down was officially declared on my birthday. The general theme of 2020 for me was work and learning. There was a lot of learning with the new role (technology learning, learning how to manage different people and project delivery).

Like most people, the pandemic did affect us. Our network had to be upgraded. The kids spent a lot of time online doing remote school to finish off their school year. We originally had plans to vacation in Barcelona; that fell through. Instead, we explored our own backyard (like most) and went to Kelowna and Whistler. Our family came from Edmonton to visit as well.

2019 was probably my most fit year because I was riding my road bike to work 3 times a week. 2020 was year that I lost all that fitness. Working from home put a small wrench in the plans.

I was getting overwhelmed with my GTD system so I've been putting sometime to rethink my systems and tools. I've been looking at the Bullet Journal and trying to adapt it for me.

Last week?

  • I didn't take vacation, however it was super quiet that I spent time catching up and planning.
  • I stopped TrainerRoad, and moved over to Zwift.
  • There was a lot of eating...because New Years.

What's up for this up coming week?

Well, I haven't finished my 2021 goals yet. Everyone is back at work, so I expect it to be a bit busy this week. The kids are back in school, so I will be happy if we settled back into our regular routine.

03 Jan 2021