I've been googling a lot and I noticed that there is such a thing as post-project depression. Humm, interesting.

Last week?

  • Testing out an updated way to run my bike workouts. I want to give this a good try, and then decide if this is a feasible (more cost effective way to do these bike workouts). (Do 3 one hour bike workouts on the new method)
  • This week at work will be focusing on some transition. 80% of the tasks this week, requires deep thought so I really have to be less reactive and more thoughtful with moving forward. (Prepare a proposal, finish 4 key close off 'admin' activities)
  • Do some clean up on my business automation scripts. Nothing much to say, this is just part of the daily operations. (Update 1 Ruby automation script that is using an old deprecated library)
  • Finish writing some backup scripts. I had a bit of a scare this last week when I had to rebuild one of my servers but the backups made it really seamless (even if I didn't pre-test out the process). (Finish writing 2 server backup scripts).
  • Start the front garden clean up (let's leave this one on the vague side, as this requires some reading to find out what the logical next steps are).

This week

Ok, I didn't quite get to some stuff on my list so this week.

  • Garden when it doesn't rain.
  • While I didn't clean up that deprecated library, I did end up reading the old code. I'll clean that up.
  • Transition isn't quite finished; so that will be most of the focus this week (thank god that it is a short week).
  • This week will be a lot of administrative work. Unfinished tutorials, performance plans and a lot of documentation clean up that needs to be done by Wednesday.

Stretch goals?

  • I want to get my 3d printer calibrated better so I can print this game that I bought called Tippi Tree. I did a few test prints, and the pieces didn't quite fit super well.
  • Clean up the office and the downstairs suite.
04 Apr 2021