I have no excuse. The last week was a bit all over the place for me. I've been productively procrastinating so a lot of stuff gone done but nothing from the actual "prioritized" list. Be better Ritchie.

Last week

Ok, I didn't quite get to some stuff on my list so this week.

  • Garden when it doesn't rain.
  • While I didn't clean up that deprecated library, I did end up reading the old code. I'll clean that up.
  • Transition isn't quite finished; so that will be most of the focus this week (thank god that it is a short week).
  • This week will be a lot of administrative work. Unfinished tutorials, performance plans and a lot of documentation clean up that needs to be done by Wednesday.
  • I want to get my 3d printer calibrated better so I can print this game that I bought called Tippi Tree. I did a few test prints, and the pieces didn't quite fit super well.
  • Clean up the office and the downstairs suite.

This week

So the deprecated library might not be a big issue (at this point), I'm going to move out out of the prioritized list.

  • Start the garden work!
  • Clear the downstairs suite of my "stuff".
  • Do some improvements on the home server setup

Stretch goals?

  • Calibrate the 3D printer
  • Evaluate Notion for my PKM system (should I stay with Obsidian)
11 Apr 2021