I have been doing a lot of thinking lately. In particular, I've been revisiting my 2021 goals.

It's weird that my crossed off accomplishments from last week were my "stretch goals". I'll be completely honest though, a lot of what I put into my weekly goals last week were mostly boring routine and that is probably a big reason of them not getting done.

Last week

  • Garden work did not start.
  • Clearing out the downstairs suite of my "stuff"
  • Improvements on the home server setup
  • Calibrate the 3D printer
  • Evaluate Notion I've actually decided to combine two tools to support my personal knowledge base: OneNote (for work) and Notion (for everything else). I will give this a shot for the next few weeks.

This week

  • Re-read some of my old business books; plan to do some market research.
  • Yes, cleaning up the front yard (pulling out weeds, mow the lawn)
  • Plan out some potentially new projects (new 'client' and some 3D printing items)
12 Apr 2021