The first week that my weekly review didn't take a lot of time. That productivity course really helped optimize these weekly reviews for time. Thank's Carl!

It's weird that my crossed off accomplishments from last week were my "stretch goals". I'll be completely honest though, a lot of what I put into my weekly goals last week were mostly boring routine and that is probably a big reason of them not getting done.

Last week

  • Clearing out the downstairs suite of my "stuff"
  • Yes, cleaning up the front yard (pulling out weeds, mow the lawn)
  • Plan out some potentially new projects (new 'client' and some 3D printing items)

This week

  • Maintenance on the home IT setup: mostly routine clean up of Home Assistant, and putting up a proxy server to make things easier to access.
  • A lot of physical clean up this week.
  • The first week back to the 2019 exercise routine.
  • Doing a lot of research for some good courses to take in line with the 2021 goals.
18 Apr 2021