Ok, I'm really forcing myself here; It is a Monday night and I'm trying to write this down before I get the kids to bed. Monday night eh, Ritchie? Why yes blog because it was a long weekend and I did most of my work last Friday. So the to-do list was scarce, I also decided to generally empty my motivation yesterday (Sunday).

Week 7 in review

So last week was busy. I wrote a post for Week 6, and didn't post it until 5 minutes before writing this (hence the very incomplete thought). sigh For this post, I am powering through even if it going to be a bulleted list of "stuff".

  • Last week ended on a bit of somber note. I've been thinking alot about "leadership" vs "management". Leadership requires a lot of effort when you don't want to be abrasive and you're trying to stick to your core values and be "nice". It is easier to simply just manage. Sometimes it is simpler to just be a technician, or a single contributor.
  • I've been trying to slowly catch-up on things around the house that I've been putting off. This weekend, I finally re-configured my Home Assistant and OVMS to my liking.
  • On my weekly review (this morning), I didn't finish two of my goals last week (I had four key ones). What am I doing differently this week? I'm thinking of structuring my "Current month" project in Todoist similarly to something like Carl Pullein's Goal setting and Tracking video. It might require work to organize it visually, I'm not sure if it is worth it.

This week's goals

  • Try to get some quality workout's in. I've been trying to get into the habit of doing some activity; since there aren't any races that I care to join finding the motivation lately has been very hard.
  • Write some more scripts to automate more of my daily "journal" folders. Eg. IFTTT into Todoist into Dropbox then some script into the "daily" folder.
  • Erm, backup scripts for stuff around the house. It's embarassing how much missiong critical things goes on around this house without any backups.
  • Work has a big milestone at the end of the month. The team has been working really hard on getting things ready. This week's goal is to take a 500 foot view of the whole thing (end to end), see if there are any gaps.
  • My weekly reviews are still taking longer (and more brain power) than I care for. Is it worth trying to shorten it, or am I nearing that 80 / 20 rule?
21 Feb 2021