Looking back at last week's review and goal's, it was a partially successful week but it is hard to be disappointed. A few things came up that was out of my control, it sent the last half of the week spiralling. It is hard to think that catastrophic events can happen, but they do and when it does everything just stops and you're in a very reactive state.

Last week, my "personal" project really took a back-seat to everything else. The day job took a lot of time this week because of the deployment in 7 days time. In addition, we also have another one already planned for 14 days after. The next 3 weeks will be somewhat day job focused.

So what is the plan for this week then?

  • Deployment 1 (07 days and counting): Is everything ready to go? Let's get the portion of the deployment and the team all prepared.
  • Deployment 2 (14 days and counting): What can I take care of this week, that makes next week easier to deal with?
  • Workout goal: I still can't bring myself to "train" for an event given that I don't think there will be any events anytime soon. In the meantime, focus on incorporating some kettlebells into the daily routine.
  • Plan out the initial structure of some automation microservices around the house. I have to admit, I'm really excited to pick this up. It's more coding and architecture than it is management.

That said, I'm leaving things pretty open this week with broad stroke goals. The "unexpected catastrophic event" is still in progress so there has to be some give to the goals this week.

21 Feb 2021