This post is very late, like a few weeks late. In 2017 I set out with some lofty goals. Now, it's the end of the year, so how did I do?

Did I spend more time with my family and friends?

Yes, the family took more vacations and spent more time together. There was a boys trip to Kelowna for some R&R. Spent more time volunteering at the school to get to know the parents of my kid's friends. My sister-in-law and some friends came to visit in October. There was a lot of eating during their visit and then I got chased by a crazy clown at PNE fright nights.

I made the effort to work remotely more. I've started co-working with an old friend to find time to catch up and exchange ideas.

I was pretty passive about this goal this year but generally agreeable when opportunities came up. Solid C+ year performance.

Put more things of value out to the world.

I've put out two open source projects into the world. An Arduino productivity device for the keyboard. Nucleoid is now an open source project that anyone can deploy (even though I'm still actively rewriting it). Both need to be greatly improved upon. I'm still not happy with how they are, so more work will happen on these two projects in 2018.

I learned that continuing a vlog was not going to be in the books. I can't stand hearing the sound of my voice and editing video is clunky and cumbersome. My respect goes to people who can vlog daily and do it very well. I'll stick to writing and taking pictures. For this year I updated this website more, and created more Instagram posts.

A 'C' for this one. One step forward, one step back.

Be healthier

In 2017, I ran 1,019.48 km training for three half marathons (according to Garmin Connect). That is the most I've run in all the years I've been running. I feel like this was a big accomplishment considering how much I dislike running. A side goal was to be less intimidated with the half-marathon distance. I am not as intimidated as I used to be.

I didn't touch my bike at all and pool workouts were very few and far in between. Sadly, the eating didn't quite regulate as I had hoped but more effort to fix will come in 2018.

Overall, I would give this goal a solid 'B'.

Rediscover my career

This year, I embarked on an effort to take a step back at my professional life and explore. In the past I've been a big believer in flat organizational structures with a minimal amount of managerial overhead. As a result, I've always questioned the value that I brought as a manager. My opinion hasn't really changed but I've developed an appreciation for the work that managers do.

As a result, I made a true effort to develop traits that I value and to find my own niche. Towards the end, I was actively seeking a lot of opportunities for improvements. This one is a bit hard to measure, but I'm satisfied with the progress that I've made.

'B+' on this last one.

But what else? Bonus marks:

  • I read a decent amount of books.
  • I stopped buying / drinking coffee.
  • My morning routine matured this year. (I'm very happy with it)
  • The family saved a lot more.

While a lot of events made 2017 arguably the worst year in human existence, I personally feel like I made some significant steps forward.

19 Jan 2018