2021 Week 2 Week in review

Last night, there was a deployment that was related to my project at work. The whole work week was spent preparing for it. There was a bit of a COVID scare because there is an outbreak in the wife's unit. We both got tested and immediately consulted the kid's school. Fortunately, the negative results came in quickly; so life went on.

2021 Week 1 Week in review

What a week it has been! At the beginning of last week, there was a production incident that resulted in a 'drop everything' situation to fix the issue. We had to identify the root cause, fix the problem, do the necessary redeploys and work towards a late (or early depending on what you think) weekend deploy.

Goodbye my friend

It has been a long time since we've seen each other. The last time was at an airport where you worked a long while ago. I thought about you recently a month ago, over the holidays. It is hard to believe that you're gone.

2020 Week 52 Review: What is this?!

What is this?? I'm going to try and write my thoughts down more frequently (weekly) on this blog (that no one reads anymore). I figure that this would be cheaper than paying for an app like Day One (plus I host all my own data).

An old school blog post about social media

Before I begin, let me tell you I did not plan any of this craziness. It was a combination of impulse and paranoia. It was similar to the time I gave up smoking but without the physical shakes and teeth grinding. A few weeks into this experiment and I'm happy to report that all my teeth are still intact.

Do we really need another social media / minimalist philosophy? Probably not, but this is an old school weblog post anyway.