Controlling our badgers (ie capistrano deploys in a dynamic infrastructure)

Let's say you have a fairly dynamic infrastructure for your new Rails application mostly because you're scared of the Fail Whale. At the same time, you need to make sure that you can deploy code quickly using capistrano. And... you don't necessarily want to hard-code all the things. Here is how we solved it.

2015 Financial goals

I've made a few goals when managing the finances of our house. Like most people finances stress me out and most times it takes up way too much time. So this year, I've made a few goals related to managing our household finances.

The website exists again! Hello there old friend.

This blog has gone through some schizophrenic episodes throughout the years. Looking back, there were a bunch of messed up times where maintaining this web space caused a tonne of anxiety. I didn't know what to write anymore. I think that I even put up a "sponsored post" about cars at one point (hummm I don't think I even got a cheque for that).

So hey you! Yea, the one staring into the browser screen reading my words. Sit down (or stand up) and let me tell you how this blog came back to existence.