Welcome to macapinlac.com!

Somehow you've managed to find your way to my home on the internet. Make yourselves at home (but not too comfortable and make sure to leave your shoes by the doorway). Hi, my name is Ritchie.

So, who am I?

I'm a creative programmer who likes to build useful tools and be part of projects. I'm a husband and a father who runs for exercise and attempts the occassional triathlon. I love learning (from people, books, etc) and on (the small) occassion have others learn from me. Want my CV? Here you go!

I'm a INTJ. I prefer isolated long-term thinking. In general I am pretty approachable unless you've somehow caught me hangry or before caffeine hits my body.

Check out what I'm working on now or read the latest blog post!

How to get a hold of me.

Ironically (because I'm generally introverted) I love corresponding with people. Email is best (and pretty personal): ritchie@macapinlac.com, but social media is also ok. I choose my social media networks based off the value that I contribute and what I receive back.

This isn't wordpress? Wait, what?!

See, this is a really simple website. There are a few static pages and theres a blog somehwere. I feel like running a full blown blogging platform that can handle everything from a blog, to a forum, to an e-commerce site was just a bit overkill. There is a (a very big) place for Wordpress but there is a certain appeal to very simple solutions to small needs. This site is powered by Grav. It's nice and simple once you get a handle around how things work.

I have this website's code all stored in Github. Go ahead, check it out and tell me how badly things are built. It's also a nice easy way to bloat my Github stats.